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In 2017, the founder of S.M.A.R.T., Alan was in the worst deepest PIT of his life working at his family’s business of 4 Dunkin locations.

He became a walking timebomb, massive Diabetic, High Blood Pressure, sores on his legs, weighed in at 410lbs, and wore a size 58 pants and 5X shirts.

Alan was the Multi-Unit Manager and was working 16 hours a day, open to close going 6-7 months straight without a chance of a day off. He floated around daily from disaster to chaos amongst the network, then add in the tourniquet pressure Dunkin Brands District Managers would add into the mix.

No one wanted to work for us, and he could not find help no matter what he and his team had done.

One day after the opener and the closer both called in, Alan had to bring his 2 young daughters (Phoebe & Autumn) in to help him close, so he wasn’t stuck there all night. After heading home, all he wanted to do was sit there and sedate, so he went onto Facebook, after 2 hours of pointless wandering, Alan’s little guy Noah came in to tell share an excited engaged story about some marvel character (anything DC or Marvel is his Jam), as he was talking, I looked up, he said: “Daddy did you hear me?”

Immediately putting his phone down, he stated “I’m so sorry little buddy, can you tell me again, please?” After he was done and ran off into the next room as nothing had happened, then sat and wept, hands in his head, asking “What am I doing? Something must change; I can’t do this, and my family cannot live like this anymore!”

Alan then texted his mother the Franchisee of the 4 Dunkin location, “I want out, we need to sell and do something else.”

Back at the restaurant the very next day, trying to get the food order plugged in, watching the timer clock down, 7 minutes left before it shuts me out, the closer called out AGAIN, this time he lost it, then yelled at the top of his lungs, “I AM SO SICK OF THIS SHIT, I WOULD RATHER LET THE CUSTOMERS MAKE THEIR OWN COFFEE AND PUT THE MONEY IN THE REGISTER THEMSELVES THAN TO PUT UP WITH THIS ANYMORE!”

That night at home very frustrated and ready to be done, an epiphany occurred, “I was the issue, people didn’t want to work for me”. He realized that he was the problem, and he had to change.

These moments put Alan on a trajectory to learn and consume as much material as possible, to change the way he operated with and around team members, and to understand what engagement really meant for customer delight, and customer success.

This was the genesis of S.M.A.R.T.

Alan’s experience, strength, and hope for change are what triggered a multi-year journey in developing S.M.A.R.T.

Everything that he had learned, consumed, and then developed to FIX IT (him and the businesses) is now available to you.  

As the solutions went into production, and testing, Alan, his team members, and his family were blown away by the results!  In fact, the results proved he could afford to recruit the best people to impact the growth of the company’s culture. Within a year, employee turnover decreased by 70%, 9 out of 10 applications were high performers, and sales increased by 30%!

Most importantly, the team wanted to work, I wanted to work, and my family was happy to see me when I arrived home!